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The TX Pro is the Scarpa star product. This is the versatility shoe. There are 4 hooks, a special loop for the leash and a Booster® to offer you a very good maintenance. It’s possible to do micro setting on all the hooks and the Booster® is very simple to use because of the integrate hole. The result is a tightening perfectly adjusted. The high part of the shoes is rather rigid. On the opposite side the bellows have a progressive flexion. The mix of the both makes the TX Pro a shoe, which is possible to engage and have a precise control.
Inside the Scarpa you will find a thermoformable Intution® shoe liner. It’s the benchmark of the shoe liner. It homogeneously encompasses the foot to give a real comfort and good support. Don’t be afraid by its rigidity. The special density of Intution® will become more flexible after thermoforming as you use it. The front of the shoe is a little bit large and the upper part of the foot is lower.
With the inserts (only in front of the shoe), the walk mode and the Vibram® sole, you will find no problem for touring. It’s one of the lightest of the range.
To resume, it is the embodiment of versatility.
Advice: With Scarpa, the half sizes, have the same shell as the larger size. A 27,5 size while have the same shell as a 28 size.
Please note: With Scarpa, the 23 to 26 sizes correspond to the binding size S. The 26,5 to 30,5 sizes correspond to the binding size L.

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