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Peaux 125mm Gecko

1. Size
  • 161-171cm
  • 169-179cm
  • 177-187cm
  • 200cm
  • 153-163cm
2. Color
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This new technology allows weight gain since Gecko skins are about a third lighter than traditional skins, for exceptional glide quality thanks to the Mohair used.
Another advantage: No more glue residue on skis, tedious re-gluing of skins and having to carry tubes of glue or adhesive tapes with you. GECKO skins are resistant to extreme temperatures. Perfectly water-repellent, they prevent the annoying formation of wet snow clogs.
GECKO finally meets the expectations of ski tourers who are looking for a practical and easy to use sealskin that can be put on and taken off without forcing but which also offers excellent grip when climbing, like a Gecko on a glazed surface.
The benefits of a Gecko skin:
- Excellent glide quality and particularly good grip when climbing thanks to a 100% MOHAIR skin
- Adheres perfectly to the ski under the action of molecular forces
- Easy to use, saves time when setting and removing the skins
- They are easy to handle since they do not stick together, no need to force, women will appreciate
- No need for a protective film to put back on the skin after each use
- No re-gluing
- They are machine washable at 30°C or with clear tap water
- Reactivation by cleaning the adherent side
- Cold (-70 °C) and heat (+ 150 °C) resistant
- Ecologically clean, it is designed without chemical additives
- Optimal waterproofing thanks to a hydrophobic treatment
- Very long lifetime

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