Sealskins are essential if you want to go touring. You fix them on the ski for it to be more adherent while ascending. There are several kinds of sealskin: - The traditional glue skins that you stick on the skis. Be careful for storage not to stick them to the others and to use the provided net to protect them more from getting more impurities. The glue can be changed over time. We work with brands like Black Diamond and Colltex who are references in the matter. - Glueless silicone skins, which have the same use as the traditional ones but are way more easy to use especially for storage and folding. You have to make sure your ski sole is perfecly dry before fixing the skin. We work with Gecko, leader brand for this type of skin. If you buy your skis in our store, we can cut the skins according to your skis' size.
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All sealskins we offer can adapt to different skis, simply chose the right size.

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