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Disvcover the skin without glue Gecko

Jan 6, 2021

Say hello to silicone

Sealskin is a product that has its importance to climb during touring. The Gecko skin all mohair and without glue give comfort on the manipulation and in are use.

With the new Thobias, the question of the selskins was quicly arrived. Which model choose to give relief to this particular touring season. We choose the geecko without glue and all mohair. Why all mohair more than mixed and synthetic ?

The all mohair give two advantages, less risk to have snow attached under the skin and more gliss one the climbing phase. If you have the backcountry technical you could sometimes have a cross-country step. If you have more gliss, you have less effort especially on the flat spaces. The negative point of the all mohair, is its less grip on the climbing phase. On the steep slopes you will have sometimes the sensation of no grip. That ask a little bit of method to gurantee the security and the grip.

The skin without glue is something new durung the last years. The skin is clean. When we have glue skin, we need to manage the protection fillet. Bigger as the skin more is difficult to separate them when thei're glued together. Furthermore, on the submit it's often complicate to manage the fillet and put the skin correctly on it. The result is often dirty skin and quicly damaged. The only wuestion wich is not compitely asked with the silicone Gecko is the sequence of climbs, put and remove. It's very important to have discipline. Wrap correctly the skin and not put anyhow in the bag. Before put the skin on the ski, the sole need to be completly dry and clean. You can also heat up the sole with your hand to have a better grip.

This Gecko skins have a good style. The green is its color cod. The small hand which is clips forward the ski give a very good effect. However the backward of the skin rubs against the snow and brake a little bit the ski.

Skin without glue Gecko mohair :

Advantages : clean, easy to use, better slide, less risk of snow under the skin.

Disadvantage : Less grip with the mohair, Backward of the skin rubs against the snow.

January 29, 2021
Meidjo 3, it slams
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