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Meidjo 3, it slams

Jan 29, 2021

The new version of the Meidjo, what is the result ?

The M Equipment trys every years to propose an evolution of his fixation. The Meidjo 3 push the version two, without modifie the principal spirit. The design doesnn't change a lot and the red and black color stays. The binding is perfect with the new thobias and the black sides. For a little bit of personalisation we propose to you a black back plate with the Mika 100.

A powerful Low tech :


But where you will feel the difference is principaly on the low tech. Just a little push, and the low tech of the binding come block inserts. The "clac" noise is almost wonder. Take off become a pleasure. It's the end of the  foot blocked on the binding.

The flextor, the articulate back box behind the low tech is more robust. The materials are respectful of the environment.


A small heel lift which is grateful :


We will also remind the small heel lift. It's just a lift which give you a little bit of higher under the heel. The evolution on the modest climb is more comfortable. It's the end of the sensation to move on 10 centimeters heel lift.

Step in, to don't bend down :

It was already a revolution of The M Equipment on the version 2, the step in is a part of the fixation. You don't have to lift and arm the back box exept to pass on the climb mode. You just have to slam the inserts and to give a heel stroke.


A little poiint less :


It's possible that you will have a little bit of snow block on the back box, but a light withs pole and the snow go back of the box.

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