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Alban Mao, Meidjo and speed

Dec 15, 2020

Alban Mao and his speed to the Telemark Shop

Imagine the ski resort Vars. You can see a big ski track with a big percentage. If you concentrate a little bit more, you will see at the top of the slope, guys in complete red clothes. Welcome in the Kaeliste universe. They’re crazy people who tried to go as fast as possible with skis and tried to do new speed record. Today, the world record is 254, 958 kilometer per hour. 

All this little story to arrive to Alban Mao. Alban is not a normal kaeliste. Do high speed with normal skis, is not for him. Alban choose to have more difficulties. Have a free heel. He is, with the Meidjo under feet and his 188,482 kilometer per hour, the fastest men in the world with telemarks. He came on the shop this Monday December 14 with his skis Valhalla (young German artisanal brand). We put on this ski the Meidjo Black series. Like that he will can prepare correctly his season special touring. We hope that give him the possibility to go on his objective (200 km/h). 

We are excited to know what Alban think and we wish him a good preparation. 

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