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Shiver NTN Crispi

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The Shiver is kind of like the Evo if it went on a diet. The Shoe lost 200g. You have 3 hooks with micro adjustment and not 4. The scratch stays present to have a good support and a good mastery. It’s a shoe that was cereated for ski touring. Softer on the bellow, lighter and more deflection in walk mode. The shoe liner is an Overlap. The result is a facility to enter the foot into the shoe. People with bigger calves will be happy because they will have more place on the top of the shoe. If on the first utilization you feel the tip of your shoe: it’s normal. The heel of the shoe liner will become more flexible with time and the foot will take its correct place. Be careful, the seams on the top of the shoe liner can, in the beginning, be a little bit abrasive. Take some precautions when you use it for the first time.
After few outings, this shoe will become a weapon when you go up and very precise when you go down.
With inserts on the front and back of the shoe you can pass in alpine mode (with the back-heel piece of TheMequipment) if you’re tired.
Advice: At Crispi, the half sizes, have the same shell as the larger size. A 27,5 size while have the same shell as a 28 size.
Warning: At Crispi, the 23 to 26 sizes correspond to the fixation size S. The 26,5 to 30,5 sizes correspond to the fixations size L.

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